Growing up my Nana taught me about cooking and shared many recipes with me that I still use today. 

One big thing she taught me was that you don’t always have to follow the recipe exactly; if you find an ingredient that you like and you think will work well, then add it!

Make it your own

It's easy to buy a store product but is it really what you wanted.  The nice thing about being able to cook is that you can give everything your special touch and make it your own. 

Of course, you have to remember that something that works well for someone else doesn’t always mean that it will suit you.

One size doesn't fit all

I think insurance is the same way - every policy has certain key coverages or “ingredients” that have to be added but you can tailor your insurance policies to fit your specific needs. 

I see many customers that have the misconception that since their policy was written a certain way initially they cannot modify it at any time. 

Making it personal is rewarding

I really enjoy helping to educate my customers on what coverage they carry and finding out what they’re trying to get out of the policy.

If I can save them money and help get the coverage that’s going to work best for them then everybody wins.

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Shylah Guzman

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