A while back I decided to run a marathon, and big dealed a couple of my friends to run it too.  I’m not a “runner”, but it was a bucket list accomplishment and I figured the sooner the better. Not knowing exactly how to prepare, I turned to the internet for training advice. 

The Machine Experience

I quickly found that while there were many experts out there with the “best” training tips no two advised the same routine, and many were in direct conflict with one another. 

More confused than when I had begun I decided the only way to really get an idea of what worked was talk to an actual person.  Off I went to the local running store. 

The Human Experience

They watched me take a quick jog, asked me how much I was actually training (and how much more time I could commit to), and outfitted me with some gear and a running schedule. 

That 30 minutes was the most effective training I did in preparing for the marathon. 

Of the group of us that completed the marathon I’m the least committed “runner”, but I finished ahead of my buddies, some of the guys trained more, and some had better gear, but none had taken the time to personalize their plan.

What I Do

My job is to give you personal advice about your insurance.

Insurance, like running, is pretty straight forward in concept – but there’s a lot more to it than simply your name and a few personal details to get the proper protection at a fair price. 

If I do my job well you'll become a client for life and we both win. 

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