Why do I need an insurance agent?!


So you’ve decided to buy insurance “direct” from an online provider.  I mean, they’ve got some pretty decent explanations of the coverage and you’re smart, what could go wrong?

You buy the policy (with hopefully the proper coverage, I mean who really knows how much is enough, or too much?!) and life is good. But what happens a few months down the road, when the company rolls out a new discount for going paperless, or for scheduling payments?  Is anyone looking out for you?

Then you accidentally backed in to your kids bike in the driveway.  There’s a pretty big scratch and the tail light is broken.  So you call up the insurance company and file a claim.  Too bad you didn’t have an agent, with $623 in damage and a $500 deductible, the insurance company issued you a check for $123 and now you have to pay a higher rate for the next three years – that doesn’t seem right.

If only there was someone you could talk to about your coverage, someone who knew you and would review the policy with you to make sure the protection was keeping up with your changing needs, someone who actually cared and would give you sound advice in the event of a loss…

I’m not against automation.  If you want to make a payment or print and ID card we have the online tools available for you to do that.  But when the chips are down, and you have a question, you’re going to want someone on your side.  And it’s not a bad thing to have an agent reviewing your policy for savings every year either.

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