The Dangers of Distracted Driving


Distracted driving.  We all know we shouldn’t do it, and those of us with young drivers know that when we do we are setting a dangerous example, and yet the majority of us admit we do drive distracted.  We text, we talk on the phone, we input directions in our phone, we eat, we fix our hair, we engage other passengers (or our pets!) that are in the car at the expense of paying attention to the road.

Here’s a link to an infographic blog that gives you an idea of the dangers of some common distractions:

Some takeaways?  Besides let’s be honest about what we do, and commit to making some small changes to make the roads safer for everyone, I thought these stats were pretty eye opening:

Drivers who were legally drunk experienced reaction times that were 12.5% slower than when sober, while those who were texting and driving saw a reduction of 37.4%!  That means travelling at 70mph a legally drunk person requires an additional 4 feet to break safely while a person that is texting requires an astounding 70 extra feet over a sober and attentive driver.

Safety is all of our responsibility – I certainly know I count on the other drivers on the road to be paying attention – but we can only control our own actions.  Commit to eliminating the distractions you can, and reducing the ones you cannot eliminate.  With over 3,000 traffic deaths per year attributed to distracted driving, it’s important that we all become a part of the solution.

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