S'more thoughts from around the campfire!


The other evening around a fire a discussion began about what professions are universally “respected” these days.  None of us felt ours was, and virtually all the ones we considered the group easily identified widely accepted stereotypical negatives for – teacher (they only work half the year), auto technician (they overcharge for labor and parts), engineer (they think they know it all), attorney (ambulance chasers and sharks), contractor (unreliable deadbeats), sales people (slimeballs) – yet we agreed we knew people in these fields that did important work and did it well.  Our list, limited as it is, of professions we thought were respected by all, was pilot and astronaut.  I wonder what your group would add?

On further discussion we agreed that this desire to discredit vocations may be a sign of the times, it seemed to us that in the “good old days” people were more willing to see the value and dignity in the efforts of others, and less likely to point out the negatives – a sad commentary on the world today. 

That got me to thinking about the insurance industry – to many a necessary evil – and our role in helping people manage their every-day risk.  Our value is in both helping people understand their insurance, and in advocating for them in their time of need.  We’re here in good times and bad, committed to truth and transparency, ready to help you navigate the often confusing world that is insurance.

We take our responsibility in helping you protect your world very seriously, and we’re proud of the work we do.  If you know someone who is unhappy with their agent, or doesn’t have one, we’d be happy to provide the same service to them!