Never overpay for your insurance (quote) again!


Why would you pay more than the bare bones minimum for your insurance?  For starters it’s hard to define the “minimum” premium – coverage limits and policy options are certainly factors in the price you pay – but there’s sure a lot of advertising offering 15% off for 15 minutes, or double that in half the time, or Free Insurance Quotes.  (Please tell me you’ve never paid for an insurance quote.)  Why not just pick the cheapest?

This may sound odd, but if the only reason you are buying insurance is because “the man” required it, then you shouldn’t buy from us.  We’re not in the minimums business, we’re in the protect what you value business.  After all, what you’re basically buying is a commitment to be there in your time of need – when you have a claim.

Here’s the deal - almost nothing we buy is on price alone.  Value, for most of us, is a part of the equation.  You didn’t buy the cheapest car on the lot or the cheapest house in the neighborhood, so why would you protect it based only on price?   Will you be thrilled to have your claim adjusted in the cheapest possible way, with no regard for quality, or are you expecting a fair settlement?  Because there is truth to the old axiom you get what you pay for. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should overpay for your insurance, I’m saying besides a reasonable price, what are your expectations of your insurance?  If you’re looking for a great company with exceptional service and fair prices, we’re your agency. 

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