Life Insurance – GET IT NOW before you’re older, fatter, and sicker.


We’re trying out a new tactic – Truth in Insurance – and thought some straight talk on life insurance was a good place to start.  Hey, we get it, you want to talk to your insurance agent about as much as you want a root canal, but like the dentist you’d be better off seeing us before you are in serious pain.

Recently, LIMRA conducted a study that found cost was the main reason young people don’t buy life insurance, but that 80% of them overestimate that cost.  I’m not sure if cost is the only factor, but I sure hear from people that they “can’t afford any more insurance” or they will “take care of it later”. 

Hopefully this isn’t a news flash, but you’re gonna die.  No one in recorded history has figured out how to get out of life alive, and it’s unlikely you’ll be the first.  Life insurance is way more affordable when you are young and healthy than when you are old and broke down, and you’ll never be younger (nor likely healthier) than you are today!  Sure, you could get in better shape, eat right, exercise regularly, ect, but will you?  Most will say yes, heck 7 in 10 Americans think they are “above average” (think about the absurdity of that for a second) but the reality is our health generally deteriorates over time.

Sadly I talk to people all the time who “now see the value of life insurance” and the common theme is they’ve had a recent medical event that has inspired them to confront their mortality.  Often it’s something that makes them uninsurable, or the insurance very costly – like cancer, heart disease, etc.

The takeaway is this – you should review your Life insurance needs now, when you can purchase coverage at the most affordable rate.  It’ll be so much less painful if you take care of it today instead of waiting until you are older, fatter, and sicker.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we address the “My wife is hot, she’ll find somebody” argument against Life insurance.