Liability Insurance and the Shrink Ray! - Video


Let's talk a little bit about Liability insurance on your auto policy -- something that is required of all of us but we find not always well understood.

Let's imagine you invent a shrink-ray, besides becoming fantastically wealthy you would now have the ability to shrink everything you own (and I mean everything, your house, the cash in your bank accounts, your other cars, all your toys, every single thing you own).  Once it's shrunk down imaging you put it in the trunk of your car.  

For starters, with all your worldly possessions in the trunk you would probably be a more attentive driver.  I'm always amazed at how much more careful I drive with something valuable in the bed of my truck.  But that's not why we shrunk your stuff -- we shrunk it because all that stuff is at risk every time you turn the key on the 2,000 pound missile you guide down the road between 25 and 70 miles an hour every day!

Now while I'm sure you're a great driver, if for some crazy reason you do cause an accident the Liability protection your policy provides has a limit -- after that you are responsible, and anything you have of value could be at risk.

So this is why you need someone like me -- to take some time to explain the coverage you are buying, and also to help you understand what's available and why it might make sense.  See insurance is a transfer of risk, and the more you transfer to the insurance carrier the more you pay.  The trick is keeping the cost affordable, while keeping the risk reasonable.  Because everything you own may as well be in the trunk every time you drive, and if you're like me and have young drivers on your policy, everything you own is in there trunk as well...