Here's why you should review your auto and home insurance with us!


I think I'm a nice guy, but as an insurance agent I know people will do almost anything to avoid talking to me.  That's not a great plan - because when we do talk it will likely be when you have a coverage or claim issue, and then it may be too late!

Our job is to make sure you understand your coverage before you need it, and to help you make informed decisions about what type's of financial risk you are willing to retain, and what you want to pass on to the insurance company.  Your "basic" auto and home policies have far more complexity than most people realize, from coverage and liability limits to deductibles and optional endorsements, we can help you personalize your insurance protection.  

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policies?  You'd be amazed at some of the gaps I've found in people's coverage over the years.

Let's chat.  A review of your insurance policies doesn't take long, and we don't bite!