Common insurance claims questions and your agent


 Claims are where the “rubber meets the road” when it comes to insurance.  Always a disruption of some degree, and generally an inconvenience, the claims process doesn’t have to be a time of high stress if you call on your insurance agent for assistance.

Involving the agency in your claim is often forgotten - it may even seem unnecessary - but we can be a great source of both knowledge and guidance when it comes to your “next best step” going forward.

For example, did you know you may have options with respect to which company adjusts the claim?  I think our claims department is the best in the business, but in a minor auto accident you may not want to pay your deductible and wait for the subrogation process to play out before it is returned.

What is subrogation anyway?  And am I responsible for a tree on my property if it falls on my neighbors shed?  What about a small claim, should I report it at all (and what is the definition of small?)?

Here’s four minutes on some general claims questions we answer frequently.  And here’s hoping you remember to call us first any time you have a potential claim – we’re here to help!  


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