Auto Insurance Rating Factors - the case against 29 forever!


When do tickets, accidents, and age affect my insurance rate?  Shylah and I get this question quite a bit.

While every situation is unique, we can certainly make some generalizations about these “time sensitive” rating factors.

Let’s start with age – insurance may be the one reason your happy to get older as rates are generally lower for more experienced drivers.  That doesn’t mean you’ll see a change on the big day, however.  The rate is adjusted at your renewal.  Using myself as an example, my policy renews in September, while my birthday is in October – so I have to wait until March to see the change.

Tickets and accidents work similarly – it’s a function of when they occur in relation to your renewal.  However, not all tickets or claims will impact your rate.  Give us a call – we can help not only explain the potential impact to your policy, we can also refer you to a great local attorney who can help with everything from speeding tickets to DUI defense.

Finally, for tickets and accidents, the impact to your rate generally lasts 3 years.  In some cases the surcharge decreases over time, provided you mind your p’s and q’s, but once again this is something Shylah and I would be happy to discuss with you as there are several variables and at the end of the day you’re concerned about the impact to you, not the generalization.

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