Car Insurance – you know you need it, and you want a fair price, but do you have a local PERSON you can call for advice, one that can pronounce ‘Snohomish’? 

We know price is important, but it’s not the only factor you should consider when buying insurance.  Sure you can go online, or buy through an 800 number – and they can take your order, but when the rubber meets the road and you file a claim do you want to be talking to someone in downtown Everett or someone who has to confirm it’s the Washington State, right? 

Insurance laws differ by state – you need someone who understands your needs, because the insurance you buy is supposed to work for you.

We’ve been serving Snohomish, Skagit, Island and King counties for over 21 years – heck we’ve got customers all over Washington, as far away as Spokane!  The point is we know the unique insurance challenges Washington can present and we can help – because we’re local, experienced, and when you call, the same people actually answer the phone and know YOU. 

Insurance is a transfer of risk

In exchange for your payment, an insurance company assumes responsibility for specific actions.  How much risk the founder of Microsoft or Starbucks are willing to assume is likely significantly higher than you or I.

Our job is to help you find the right amount of risk to transfer – because the more you push to an insurance company the more you pay in premium.  It’s a balancing act, and the pre-packaged auto policy online or from the 800 guys might be what fits you – you could be an "extra medium" – have they even heard of that size?  We’ll help you decide how much insurance is right for you, as an individual, and then make sure we re-evaluate the policy on a regular basis to make sure the protection is keeping up with your changing needs.

You have questions

·       How much insurance is right for me?

·       What’s it going to cost?

·       Why hasn’t someone told me I had options before?

How to contact us

You've got a couple of options:

1 - If it's during office hours you can call us:

425 322 3642

2 -   If you're happier starting off by email click the button below and let us know when a good time to contact you would be.

We're real people, that's how we can do this.



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